WING FOIL is by far the fastest growing water sport and anyone can learn, no previous experience required. It’s fun, it’s safe and it can be done anywhere there is water and wind. Learning WING FOIL is made easy by our tested teaching program. Most people become independent on a foilboard within 4 hours of instruction.

We specialize in ONE-TO-ONE wing foil coaching and progression sessions for confident beginner and intermediate riders that want to learn new skills, refine maneuvers and fine tune their gear.

We also offer private and group lessons for complete beginners

One-to-One progression session

One to one instruction where we work together to help you learn the next thing in your foil journey. We specialize in teaching foil control when riding, foiling jibes and tacks and use simulators, radio helmets and video analysis to make instruction as efficient as possible.


Step 1

Ground handling. The first step is to understand the wind and basic sailing principle, learn how to handle the sail on land and how to position it to start, move forward, and turn.

Step 2

Wing Surfing. The goal of step 2 is to get you sailing independently using the wing and a stable SUP board. You’ll learn how to control speed and direction and basic jibe.

Anyone can learn how to wing surf, from young age, to not so young or fit or sporty.

Step 3

Meet the foil. Here we transition from wing surfing to wing foiling. Once you master “staying upwind” and turning on the sup board we will get you doing the same on a stable foilboard. You’ll learn about the foil and hot to handle it.

Step 4

Go Foiling. You have control over the foilboard, now it is time to accelerate, engage the foil and fly. In depth explanation of how to control pitch, roll and yaw of the foil wile riding. Simulator exercises and water practice.