Make the most of every day at the beach! Surf foiling turns an average surf wave into an epic playground. Book your surf foil lesson today. Previous surfing experience is required for a productive and successful lesson. Equipment provided.

-We have PRONE SURF FOIL lesson program to introduce any surfer to riding and managing a foilboard in the waves. Our instruction is focused on give you confidence and good understanding on what to do and what not to do when riding a foilboard so to minimize crashes and close calls with the foil and maximize safe riding.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through equipment and will help you transitioning from riding a surfboard to riding a foil on a wave in a safe and productive way and as fast as possible according to your surfing background.

-We run SUP SURF FOIL lessons for confident sup surfers that want to learn to foil waves or get into sup foil downwinds.

Never surfed before and want to get into foiling? The best way to learn foiling is towed behind a jet ski or boat. We offer jetski foil lesson inside the Tauranga harbor (Mount Maunganui to Bowentown). Give us a call to learn more about our “motor assisted foiling” and wing foiling options.