JETSKI FOIL LESSON for beginner to advanced riders. Learn, wake, downwind, waveriding.

We have developed a pretty exciting jetski foil lesson progression program that will get anyone ”up on a foil” the first day and can guide you in the progression journey all the way to foil downwinds in the Tauranga harbor and ride swell.

  • All equipment provided
  • Two ways radio helmets keep you in clear and direct contact with the instructor at any time
  • No previous experience required
  • Safe and fun
  • Suitable for anyone 10 YO or older that can swim
  • We operate anywhere within the Tauranga harbor (Mount Maunganui to Bowentown)
  • Trips running daily

Find the complete Tow Foil progression chart below!!

FOIL RIDING EXPERIENCE and FIRST FLIGHTS Tow foiling behind a get ski or a boat is the best way to learn how to ride an hydrofoil and get control during the flight . We start in sheltered waters inside the Tauranga harbor, on a big and stable board and easy foil. With steady pull of the Jet Ski you and the direction of the instructor you’ll learn how to ride the foilboard and how to control the foil during flight.

INTERMEDIATE Once you get a good feel riding a big board and slow foil we progress to ride small board (sink start technique) and faster, more agile foil and we focus on carving. Being able to start on a small board is the key to unlock flat water pumping of the foil and makes jet ski assisted starts easier in choppier waters typically encountered when doing downwinds and riding swells.

DOWNWIND and PUMP foil ”Being able to glide free on the water using only the power of a rolling swell and wind pushing on your back gotta be the best feeling in the world” Cit.. DOWNWIND. The Tauranga harbor’s channels offer perfect conditions for downwinds at any level. We can get you on the right gear, in the right spot, get you started with the jet ski and send you gliding downwind wile we direct you via a radio helmet. Then we pick you up and bring you back upwind. PUMP: With the help of easy Jet Ski assisted starts and video support we can help you refining your flat water pumping technique.