Mount Maunganui coast and the Tauranga harbor are formed geographically in such a way to make it a paradise for foilers and watersport enthusiasts in general as you can ride any wind direction and it is exposed to the South Pacific swells.

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Go wing foiling in any wind direction and tide


Where to go foiling waves around Mount Maunganui


What conditions do I need to foil downwind


The area is subjected to winds from all direction and any speed, from light to very strong which makes every session different. Depending on your level and whether you want flat water, chop to downwind on or wave ride , within a small area you can find all conditions. Here is a guide with some of the most popular WING FOIL locations.

Harbor enclosed waters locations (Mind the tides)

-Kulim Park

Overview: One of the most popular locations for Tauranga wing foilers, kiteboarders and windsurfers. Carpark close to water. Flat water or small chop.

Suitable Wind direction: SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, SE

Suitable Tides: Mid tides and high tide. Gets shallow in low tide.

-Sulphur Point: Yatch Club

Overview: Confident riders only. Car park close to water access straight to deep water channel, grassy area to set up. Currents can be very strong, understand what to expect. Wind against tide often creates nice surfy downwind wave.

Suitable Wind direction: Anything but South.

Suitable Tides: Any tide, best around low and high still points. Note that incoming tide brings strong current going from E to W and vice versa with outgoing tide.

-Sulphur Point: “Speed Creek”

Overview: Carpark close to water access. With low tide there will be a dry sand bar upwind of the channel. that creates perfectly flat water. One of our favorite spots for wing foil lessons.

Suitable Wind direction: SW, W, NW

Suitable Tides: Any tide, best around low.

Notes: S and N wind work but only with still tide or wind against tide.

-Pilot Bay

Overview: Beautiful bay at the foot of Mauao. Can be busy in summer.

Suitable Wind direction: NW, W, SW, S, SSE

Suitable Tides: Any

-Tauranga waterfront: Trinity wharf

Overview: Confident riders only. Park on Drive Cres, just South of Trinity Wharf, small access to water straight into deep channel. Tide flow can be strong.

Suitable Wind direction: E, SE

Suitable Tides: Any


Overview: Carpark at the end of Matapihi Road.

Suitable Wind direction: SSE, S, SW

Suitable Tides: Any. Lower tide creates a big beach.

-Fergusson Park

Overview: Popular location for kiteboarders. Wing foilers water access close to boar ramp. Bit more exposed than Kulim Park on SW wind but choppier water surface.

Suitable Wind direction: SW, W, NW

Suitable Tides: Any. Mid to high incoming tide

Wave location on Mount Maunganui Coast

-Main Beach

Overview: Confident riders only as often busy with surfers. Rip current along Leisure Island allow getting at the back easily in bigger waves. Dumpy shore brake in the middle of beach.

Suitable Wind direction: N, NE

Suitable Tides: Any


Overview: This is an amazing surf foil waves, often easier to access water than Tay Street when the swell is big.

Suitable Wind direction: NNW, N, NNE, SSE. Stiff offshore winds are good too for confident riders.

Suitable Tides: Any

-Tay Street or anywhere along the coast

Overview: The coast can have many faces depending on wind strength and swell size. Often offers amazing condition with lines of swell for perfect long foil rides in northerly seabreezes, SE winds of offshore W winds.

Suitable Wind direction: NW, N, NE, E, SE. Stiff offshore winds are good too for confident riders.

Suitable Tides: Any. Lower tide creates a big beach.


The area offer good downwind foil locations, both inside the harbor with wind-against-tide channels and off the coast along Mount Maunganui shore line with cross shore winds.

If you come visit make sure to bring your downwind board and paddle or get in touch to team up for some Jetski tow up downwinds.


Mount Maunganui has great surfing waves sometime and amazing foiling waves pretty much any day of summer. Banks along the coast are shifty but you can always find good foiling brakes. ”Playgrounds” is a great spot that can create minutes long rides on a single wave, best at lower tides with small to medium waves.

A close by island has world class surf brake and world class tow-in foil wave that brakes and reforms for kilometers.